Reviews of Several Video Systems (Youtube Clones)

Youtube was a cultural phenomenon. The reality is that videos sell products more than anything else. A video site can be modified into an ecommerce website or it can be used as a video sharing site. Needless to say, programming this yourself (from scratch) would be horribly time consuming… using something out there that is pre-built is a must. Below are a few of these systems that are relatively well-known and have most every feature that you will ever want.


A commercial, opensource PHP/MySQL system. It is tops: bug-free, fast, and full-featured. Only downside is that it costs money. Their provided web hosting through the site is through a company that backs up everything once a week, so for the average mid-size company that is no big deal. May want to implement some kind of daily email mysql backup that shoots them an email with the database or something, just in case, but you generally should be fine. Their webhosting is DIRT CHEAP in terms of space/bandwidth. Free server install if you purchase hosting from clipshare.

bug free and tested
many templates
large user base

Costs around $250, depending on options and things

need to have special software one your server, of course, due to video editing needs


A script similar to clip share but with less features. Thought technically free, costs money to remove the phpmotion logos. Server install is not free. All in all, not too much different from clipshare, except that most seem to think clipshare is better.

lots of features
large community
lots of templates

free unless you want to remove the phpmotion logo

need to have special software one your server, of course, due to video editing needs

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Just to clarify- the PHPmotion logo is free to remove- the only thing that’s not free to remove is a link in the footer of the site.

Also- you don’t have to pay anyone to do server install- that generally comes with your hosting. 🙂

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