For years, people have had a common struggle: doing what they want to do.

Seriously, it sounds ridiculous, right? You set out to do something, such as lose weight, gain weight, study hard, etc, and before long you find yourself lazily sitting around watching The Late Night Show or, heaven forbid, Opera.

So, why do we have such a hard time doing what we want to do? Honestly, I have no idea. I mean, I could provide plenty of philosophical, psychological, or religious answers, but the real question we should be asking is not why I have such a hard time, but how do I overcome this.

So, I made goaldstandard.com. Its a system where you have a number of goals. Each goal corresponds to a certain day of the week and a number of “accountability partners” (just lists of email addresses). Everyday, you must login and mark off the goals you completed. If you don’t your accountability partners get emails. Additionally, if you delete a goal, edit a goal, or remove an accountability partner, they get an email telling them what happened, so there’s no way to “skip your goals” and not have your accountability partners know about it.

My fiance, a few friends, and I have been using this, along with splayback.com, in order to achieve a measure of success. For myself and my fiance, it has worked wonders on our lives! I’ve gained 20 pounds!!! (That’s muscle, btw, as this has caused me to exercise more than I was). My fiance has lost weight and, more importantly, has gained a great deal of self-confidence and now has a very positive self-image.

Of course, some of my friends have not had success. Why? Honestly, its because they changed their email address and aren’t getting any updates anymore. Additionally, some people truly are totally hopeless when it comes to doing things they commit to doing, but most people can succeed. It helps if your accountability partners take the time to respond and encourage you when you don’t quite get them all done.

Try it out!


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