Yom – day or period of time?

Alright, enough people have asked whether or not the hebrew word “Yom” means “day” or “period of time” and I’ve read enough articles about it to decide that there’s some important information lacking… REAL SOURCES! So, I’m not going to give any conclusions; just read the pdf below and draw your own conclusion.

The pdf consists of 5 pages:

  1. The first page of the Bible IN HEBREW with the word “yom” circled
  2. First half of Strong’s Expanded Dictionary of Bible Words definition to Yom
  3. continuation of page 2
  4. First Page (of 4) of Brown Driver and Briggs definition of Yom
  5. Second Page (of 4) of BDB definition of Yom
  6. Third Page of BDB definition of YOM
  7. Fourth Page of BDB definition of YOM

Please read all pages and note the many uses of the word YOM. Also note the many forms of the word Yom, particularly in BDB. Its a very flexible words. Also, on page one, note the music notation… something that translations can’t capture…


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