A Nintendo DS Game!

Alright, I had a few spare hours and I threw together a Nintendo DS Game using DS Game Maker (http://www.dsgamemaker.com/). It was a great tool, all in all, but it did really require you to be a programmer.

The game:

1) You dodge birds using the arrow keys and they increase their speed over time. The longer you survive, the more points you get.

2) Click here to download the game. You will need to get a Nintendo DS Emulator to play this, such as nogba (here)

3) The source code is available here

Things I liked about DS Game Maker:

1) It had a great tutorial.

2) It was easy to install

3) I WAS able to create the game in a few hours, BUT I have created NDS/GBA games for years in C/C++.

Things I did not like about DS Game Maker:

1) It seems to have a number of small bugs that force you to reverse-engineer the generated “C” code. For example, the “BottomSprites[]” array is supposed to store sprite data but when you use the “createsprite” feature, it doesn’t automatically enter the data into that array. It made for a good hour of debugging!

2) Many of its features are poorly documented.

3) Too easy to hack. I could just change the main.c file or the header files to get around their private labeling. I wouldn’t, but a person could.

4) I wish I could just resort to “C” code sometimes. Maybe a “RAW CODE” feature could be added to allow for “C” coding by professional developers. That would attract some of your “big league” developers. Right now its not developed enough for an amateur to use, but not powerful enough for a professional. With a little more documentation and a few features, though, you could see some REAL games made on this platform.

All in all, its a promising application. I suggest that the developers get to documenting and attracting real developers.


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